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The group of factories “KAISSA” produces a high quality refined and unrefined sunflower oil

In proceedings of sunflower oil uses expressing and pressing special technology. Sunflower oil manufactures from natural raw materials of high quality sunflower seeds grown in Kherson region.  Seeds undergo an additional cleaning, drying and peeling.

Purification of refined oil consists of several stages: mechanical peeling, hydration, neutralization, bleaching process, freezing, deodorization and nitration.

In the manufacture of products is no GMO and other nutrient additives of unknown origin, which can negatively effect on health our consumer. Produced sunflower oil meets high quality standards. Packaged in bottles sunflower oil contains all the necessary information about the product and is hygienically clean on the containers.

Most Ukrainian producers use our sunflower oil in the manufacture of products such as mayonnaise, sauces, crackers, canned products, etc.

We use an ecologically friendly variety of seeds without chemical treatment, which allows us to obtain a quality and wholesome product. Therefore, produced sunflower oil of company “KAISSA” is high demand not only in Ukraine but also in CIS countries.

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