Experts predict an increase in sunflower harvest in Ukraine

What is the expected sunflower harvest in producing countries around the world, including Ukraine, USDA analysts said in a May report.

According to the research, in 2021/22 MY Ukraine can count on an increase in the total amount of this agricultural crop by 18%, which in physical terms is about 16.7 million tons. This is 2.6 million tons more than the harvest for 2020/21 MY.

Corresponding changes are expected in related industries that are responsible for seed processing. Experts report that Ukrainian sunflower oil will also be produced by 18% more. If in the previous year this figure was 5.934 million tons, then this year Ukraine will manage to get up to 6.99 million tons.

The forecasts also included data on a valuable feed product – sunflower meal. Its production will increase by 1 million tons compared to 2020/21 MY, which is 6.71 million tons in 2021/22 MY. This will definitely change sunflower oil prices in Ukraine.

The US Department of Agriculture also estimated the yield of sunflowers worldwide for the new period, predicting an increase in the indicator to 54.92 million tons. In 2020/21 MY this value was 49.69 million tons, which is 5.22 million tons less than the expected results in 2021.

The volume of sunflower meal production in the world in the new period is also higher than expected in 2020/21 MY: 22.56 million tons versus 20.59 million tons.

World production of vegetable oil from sunflowers is expected to reach 21.15 million tons. In 2020/21 MY, the amount of this raw material in the report was 19.19 million tons, which is 1.96 million tons less than expected in 2021/22 MY.

How to change the amount of sunflower harvest, as well as sunflower meal and oil in kind in other countries:

  1. In Argentina, there will be only half a million tons more sunflower, and 0.09 million tons of feed product and oil equally;
  2. The forecast for the production of sunflower raw materials in Russia is 5.47 million tons, and oil – 5.49, which is due to the crop yield per year up to 14.5 million tons;
  3. In Turkey, sunflower sowing results are expected at 1.8 million tonnes of harvested raw materials, which will increase the production of sunflower meal by 0.16 million tonnes and oil by 0.13.
  4. In the countries of the European Union, agricultural yields are expected at the level of 10 million tons, so we should expect an increase in the results of processing products by 0.38 and 0.32 million tons for sunflower meal and sunflower oil, respectively.

It is worth noting that India is not yet ready to increase imports of sunflower raw materials, which is associated with high prices, as well as with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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