BOTTLE 1 liter Sunflower vitaminized oil
Volume: 1 L
Net weight: 920 g
Shelf life: 24 month (8°С - 20°С)

All over the world, people solve the problem of unbalanced nutrition with the help of food fortification – by adding nutrients and vitamins, which allows us to saturate the human body with the missing nutrients and vitamins.

“A” – important for vision
“D” – helps to better absorb the necessary elements for a person
“E” – enriches the blood with oxygen

Testing more than 100 objects in the restaurant business and in the laboratory, it was found that after one cycle of cooking the fortified oil of the brand Dobra Olia saves its vitamins by 93%.

The product is packed in PAT bottles of different volumes: 840 Ml, 1 L, 1,8 L, 3 L, 5 L. Every bottle of sunflower oil has its own a unique engraving and design. Easy to use and storage. On the label indicated the composition, nutritional value of the product and the manufacturer’s coordinates.


Material - PAT. Ergonomic bottles, preferences of global customers.


Material - laminated carton. Differs high strength and density. Used to better safety of the goods. Standart - 15 pcs in box.


Number of boxes in the container - 1750 psc. Number of bottles in the container - 26250 psc.

Sales of bottled oil

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