The cost of Ukrainian sunflower oil fell to a record mark!

According to experts, over the past decade, the cost of sunflower oil in Ukraine has dropped to the lowest level and reached a mark below $ 700 per tonne FOB. This information was announced by the general director of “UkrAgroConsult” Feofilov Sergey. He said that the export of processed products of this crop reached 40% of the total volume of agro-export in our country. This was a reason for dropping refined sunflower oil price in Ukraine.

The expert noted: “The amount of exported processed sunflower is growing, and the total revenue from its sales continues to fall. This suggests that the profitability of the export of raw materials from the country tends to drop”. Although, according to experts, for Ukrainian farmers, the cultivating of oil crops still remains profitable.

Despite the decrease in the volume of raw material supplies for the previous 4 months, the production rate for the season remains at a record high.

In the period 09.2017-07.2018 sunflower oil was exported 4.9 million tons. Last year, this figure was 5.4 million tons.

In July this season, the supply of raw materials from Ukraine reached 422,000 tons, which is 3.2% less than last month and 17.3% less than in the same month last year. Although sunflower oil is still our strategic product.

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