The export of Ukrainian food products grew by 25%

A large importer is the countries of Asia. On the second and third place – the EU countries and America.

The total volume of exports this year increased by 24.3% and reached $ 13.07 billion. As a percentage of all purchases, agro products account for 42%.

Olga Trofimtseva, deputy minister of agro-industry, says that the main importers of our goods have remained the same, but the volumes of supplies have increased:

  • Asia – $ 5.525 billion
  • The EU – $ 4.177 billion.
  • Africa – $ 1.997 billion

According to the official, the largest share of exported products is occupied by:

  • sunflower oil and corn (25 and 18% respectively);
  • bread and rye (14.45%);
  • technical cultures (together about 14%).

Also worth noting the rise in sales of certain types of products.

For example, the sale of berries in cherries, plums, apricots and peaches increased to $ 6.4 million, bean vegetables – up to 20, ice cream for meat to 34 and dairy products, to a record $ 64.2 million. The total import of food and agricultural goods increased by more than 6.7% and amounted to 3.202 million in US currency.

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