Ukraine broke its own record for the export of sunflower oil

According to the Ukrliyaprom agency, during the month, Ukraine exported more than 700 thousand tons of products

According to the general director of Ukrliyaprom Stepan Kapshuk, in April 2020 Ukraine delivered abroad sunflower oil in a record volume of 717 thousand tons. Information was released on Monday May 18, during the webinar.

In particular, S. Kapshuk said that, taking into account the results for the last marketing year (respectively, 2018-2019), the country produced 6.5 million tons of products, and 6.1 million tons were exported. This year, the results are significantly higher. They produced 7 million tons, and exported about 6.5 million tons. Even taking into account the difficult conditions prevailing during the crisis, none of the producers stopped working. Thanks to this, in April 717 thousand tons were exported. This figure was a record for the history of the supply of oil and fat products abroad. In may exporting sunflower oil prices in Ukraine have risen by 10%.

If we translate the volume exported into monetary equivalent, then for 4 months of this year, the country exported more than $ 2.5 billion to the international agricultural market. As for directly sunflower oil, it was exported in the amount of 1.84 billion dollars. Finally, the head of the agency concluded that the supply of oil and fat raw materials accounted for 33% of all Ukrainian agricultural exports.

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