Ukraine buys more and more agricultural products

In the first three seasons, the price of food imports totaled 3,200,000,000 dollars. Such figures were announced by Nikolai Pugachev from the National Research Center “Institute of Agrarian Economics”.

Since the beginning of the year, imports have increased by 200 million dollars. Most of it was supplied from the European Union, which indicates a general increase in quality goods in the Ukrainian markets.

Our country purchases the following types of products:

  • seafood;
  • tobacco products;
  • vegetables and meat;
  • seeds;
  • chocolate and exotic fruits;
  • beverages;
  • technical and food spirits;
  • waste products.

This list of names, according to Pugachev, is more than half of all imports. Exporters were chosen from the list of EU countries for several reasons, the main of which are political and economic. Rapid delivery of products across the land contributes to the acceleration of production, and close economic cooperation positively influences the political climate.

50% of all agricultural products of Ukraine were purchased abroad. The total price of purchased goods was about one and a half billion dollars.

The countries of Asia, Latin and North America, and Africa exported goods worth one billion dollars to us. The least amount of imports fell on CIS members.

It is worth recalling that Ukraine is one of the three leaders – producers of sunflower oil, cereals and vegetable crops, who export the largest amount of food products to the European Union.

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