Ukraine increased the production of sunflower oil by 15%

According to the State Statistics Service, for the period from January to November 2019, Ukraine produced 14.2% more unrefined sunflower oil compared with the previous period. In particular, the figure reached 5.016 million tons. It caused a decrease in sunflower oil prices in Ukraine.

If we turn to the numbers, then in November 2019, 595,000 tons of products were produced in the country. The resulting sunflower oil in the total volume by 10.9% exceeds the figures for November 2018, and it is 0.5% more than it was made in the previous month of the current year.

As for the production of edible fats and margarine, for the eleven months of 2019, 126,000 tons of products were manufactured. And this is 2.7% higher than last year.

Production of these products in November reached 12.9 thousand. This is 2.8% more than in November 2018, and 3.4% less than in October.

Well, we want to recall that according to experts, in 2019, the production of sunflower seeds in Ukraine is about 15.5 million tons. It exceeds the 2018 data by 3%. This crop is considered a record for the last three seasons.

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