Ukraine is the record holder for oil exports to the EU

The country exported sunflower oil to the EU in a record amount compared to other exporters and, according to the Agronews portal, has won the status of the largest supplier.

If we turn to the numbers, we get the following:

Since the beginning of the season of the current MY, Ukraine has supplied 662,000 tons of products. It accounted for 86% of the total volume of oil imported to the EU countries, including rapeseed and soybean.

As for rapeseed, Ukraine became the leader among suppliers with a result of 48 300 tons, 35.6%, respectively. Russia is in second place (38,300 tons, 28.2%), Belarus is in third (26,500 tons, 19.6%), Canada and Serbia are fourth and fifth, 12,100 (8.9%) and 6,200 (4.6%) tons.

The experts also noted that Ukraine was in the first position in the list of soybean oil suppliers. The volume of supplies of these products is 911,000 tons, which is 38.7% of the total supply to the EU.

But despite it, the sunflower oil prices in Ukraine are still growing up due to the news about duties in Russia, a strike in Argentina, and a recovery in mineral oil prices.

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