More than 90 countries export Ukrainian oil

Only 20% of domestic oil is sold on the domestic market. The remaining 80% are sold abroad, bringing the country a big profit every year. More than 56% of the world trade in sunflower products falls on domestic companies. This was stated by Stepan Kapshuk, general director of the association “Ukroliyaprom”.

At the same time, the largest number is sent to India, China and Europe. So, last year Europe bought sunflower oil for 600,000,000 dollars, totaling 565,000 tons. Due to the high competition in the EU market, the supply of special fats and margarine is out of the question. Although, this year, a trial delivery of approximately 40 thousand tons of this type of products is possible. Anatoly Kapshuk also noted the worldwide growth of sunflower leadership.

In 2009, Ukraine was banned from supplying oil to Europe due to contamination of products with mineral additives. Nowadays, our country ranks first in providing world needs for this product, which indicates an unprecedented growth not only in production capacities, but also in the quality of the goods produced. The HACCP security system has taken an active part in this process. It was introduced in every Ukrainian enterprise, regardless of where its products will be delivered.

Another system, HACCP, regulates and manages hazards that could affect the contamination of oil by hazardous substances. It provides control over the state of quality at each site of production, as well as the storage and sale of products. The complex of these measures allows us to bring the domestic fat-and-oil industry to a qualitatively new level.

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