Sunflower oil can compete with olive oil

Domestic agronomists grow only an environmentally friendly product. Sunflower seeds grown in Ukraine are the ideal raw material for the production of top quality oil. The well-established technology and sufficient resources will soon allow the Ukrainian oil to become a strong competitor to the olive oil.

The main reason for the likely “war” between the two types of oil is not only the quality and the large amount of oil produced, but also the cost. Ukrainian sunflower in the last season fell in price due to the growth of its receipt. During the first half of 2017, production increased by 40%. At the same time, the price fell by 30% to $ 700 per ton of finished products. At the same time, against the background of the economic depression of the population, consumption and purchase of this type of products declined.

Current prices:

  • Wholesale price: 24-32 UAH per liter.
  • Retail price: 33-42 UAH.

Such a rise in prices does not please the consumer and sales within the country have declined markedly.

Manufacturers, wishing to keep their business afloat and not be in a stalemate due to the crisis of excess productivity, are going to enter the foreign market. The plan for rapid development includes new forms of packaging of goods, refining and deodorization. Thus, domestic sunflower oil can supplant the olive oil from the European market.

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