The raider seizure of the Bratsk oil refinery

BMPZ “NEST” can not work properly: all production capacities are blocked.

Director Anatoly Dotsenko officially announced that on January 13 there was a raider seizure of his enterprise. The reason for this was the falsification of documents in a single state register. The businessman informs that the “invaders” illegally manipulated the documents “registered” the whole enterprise for themselves. Traces of the crime were found in the Uniform State Register, where there were data on new owners. Strangely enough, even the legal address of the enterprise was changed.

Chronology of capture

According to Dotsenk, on January 14, Vladislav Zaitsev’s people, the new “owner”, arrived under the walls of the plant. The guards did not let strangers into the territory, refusing to recognize their illegal right to own property. Behind these events were observed by representatives of the local police, headed by the head Andrei Tyukov. The staff did not even bother to ask the documents from the violators, let alone interfering with the conflict. On these facts Dotsenko said in his statement.

Ten days later, more than 40 young men in armored vests with weapons arrived under the walls of the plant. Head of the raiders was the head of the security company “Borisfen”, hired to protect the plant. Also illegal owners of the plant arrived. Employees of the enterprise were forced to leave the territory of their plant, as people from the “Borisfen” threatened them with weapons.

Also, according to Anatoly Dotsenko, the plant has been completely inactive for a long time. Due to the closure of the boiler room in the shops, the temperature dropped, even the water pipe froze.

The lawful owners of the plant have repeatedly submitted applications and documents for consideration to numerous authorities. However, no response was received. Production of sunflower oil completely stopped, important contracts were broken, wages were not paid to employees, equipment was gradually becoming unusable without timely maintenance and repair.

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